Find Pest Control Solutions for Your Mainland NS Business

Ace Pest Control offers commercial programs specifically designed to handle Mainland Nova Scotia’s unique pest problems. All of our technicians are fully qualified to handle your needs and hold certification in AIB, HACCP and several other food safety and sanitation programs. In a safe, effective and environmentally friendly manner, our professionals will control crawling and flying insects, rodents, birds and stored product pests.

We Presently Service the Following Facilities:

Food Service

Health Care



Food Production


Self Storage


Multi-unit Housing

Keep Your Facility Safe with Our Preventive Pest Management

Ace Pest Control will design programs designed to meet the specific demands of your business. Log books containing trend reports, insurance documents and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are created and kept on site. Our preventive pest management program ensures your facility exceeds third party inspections and internal quality assurance audits.

Healthcare Facilities in Mainland NS Turn to Ace Pest Control

Our pest management professionals provide service or consult with many of Mainland Nova Scotia’s largest health care providers. Whether you have a few patients or thousands of patients, Ace Pest Control can design and implement a pest management program that fits your needs. Long-term health care facilities and hospitals can rely on Ace Pest Control to deliver the best pest management program at a very competitive price.

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Take control of your pest infestation and prevent future problems with Nova Scotia’s experts at Ace Pest Control Ltd. We have been your partner in environmentally friendly pest solutions at fair prices since 1979.

We don’t just get rid of your pest problem. Our technicians will inspect inside and out to determine possible entry points and structural deficiencies that can lead to future infestations. We can even do repairs to make sure the pests stay out.

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